Arbinder Singh Dugal

Masterchef Professionals Final Six 2019


Food Philosophy


“Indian spices can find a place in any modern-day cuisine. It's just a matter of opening your mind, soul and palate on how to use Indian spices to cuisine of world with modern techniques”.

My Food Philosophy

My food philosophy is to bring and interpret diversification of Indian food to a new heights continually experiment it with French, European and British cuisine which I have learnt in my journey so far.In order to create a unique dining experience so that my guest will enjoy unique experience while dining in my restaurant.

The cooking journey of my life

Cooking from heart is always a great ethos that I always followed in my kitchen while working in kitchens in India and in uk. Driving forces of my menus comes from depth of experience that I have gained in working in fine dining Indian and French kitchens Still remember my earlier days, started working as management trainee in Marriott’s hotel in Mumbai as I got graduated from ihm Aurangabad. My first day in kitchen was very tough as I have to peel and chop 100kg of onion alone standing in one corner of the Indian banqueting kitchen, from that point onwards I new that its not going to be a easy road ahead and I need to work very hard to understand skill of very basic of Indian cuisine.

The very first section which I was deputed to do was handling of three charcoal tandoors with chef called Rehman in fine dining Indian restaurant where I was working as management trainee. He gave me some tough days in training of that section but taught be the real in-depth knowledge of handling of tandoor, breads, kebabs and how to work in plan and organize way in very pressure situations. In this way I learnt different sections in Indian cusine and same thing happened when I started working in uk at start in gastro pub in guernsey and then turning my focus to work in French restaurant in central London where I gained bags of knowledge of classic French cuisine.

Working in French kitchen showed me the way of how to present the food in modern way on plate, which will be more appealing to eyes, that’s where I picked up all the French cooking techniques and how to play around with it . After working in French kitchen for more than 8 years I started picking up things of how to combine spices, French techniques, tandoor kebabs, curries in more modern way by having a very fine balance of both cusine of world And that’s where I came up with idea to do cookery book with name Mask.